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CFA & NPV registered)

(cattery name in the past: Joanna la Fonteyn)

Arnoldt (cattery pouspardoux),  Me and GC, DW Latin Lover Blue Tattoo

Blue Tattoo, being Best Over All at about 18 month

First, let me introduce myself. Mij name is Hele(e)n Imthorn. My husband and I live at the beautiful coast of the Netherlands, in Katwijk aan zee. We have a small cattery and I bred my first litter in 1988, which was only for fun. But that litter gave me so much joy, that until today I cannot stop breeding cats. I started out with persians, but now I also like exotic shorthairs a lot. My favourites are tabbies, in all colours.
My first priority, when it comes down to breeding cats, is, that my cats are healthy and have a sweet character. My secound is, that I want to breed cats with a great expression and a sweet, short, open look. With big eyes, small ears and a cobby body. I successfully combine: PaJean, Ghattas, Marhei, Harwood, Spellbound, Anz, Equinox, Belamy, Yuppiecat, Paquita, Bocasana, Candirand, RubyRose, Mchy, Becton, Yquem, Latin Lover, Argentovivo, Blueskyeyes, Kuorii, Vannjty, Artemis, Revillion, Parti Wai, Couronne, Wattkatz, Budmar, Polcann, Validian, Tombrocks, South Paw, Mashhad, Ezluvin, San-fe, Desmin, Heida, Zoticats, Ydem, Profecii, Jovan, Johnarah, Scrimshaw, Boberan, Agonistes, Cattrax, Bolo, Soft Magic, Bagira, Kramkatten

All our breeding cats are PKD DNA tested.

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