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CFA GC & Eur. Ch. LaFonteyn's Bold N'Beautiful of Pouspardoux

Granded Januari 13-2007, Stuttgart Germany, in two and a half show

Thank you judges! Thank you Arnoldt for Granding him!


picture taken at the show where he granded

GC, DW & IC Latin Lover Blue Tattoo x CFA CH Spellbound Real McCoy of LaFonteyn

more photo's



BIV -  BIS 3-6 month -  * BOB *  exotics - NLKV, Februari 19-2006 

BIS 3-6 month, - * BOB*  exotics -  ** BOA **  persians and exotics - NKFV, Februari 26-2006

BIV - BIS 3-6 month exotics -  * BOB *  persians and exotics -  Saint-Procat, March 19-2006

BIS  3- 6 month  - BLKV - Belgium, April 02-2006

BIS  3-6 month - ECF, April 16-2006

Best exotic Kitten of the Year, TopCat Competition N.K.F.V. The Netherlands, showseason 2005/2006

2nd Best Kitten of the Year Allbreed, TopCat Competition  N.K.F.V. The Netherlands, showseason 2005/2006

BIS persians/exotics, Best male persians/exotics,  ** BOB ** persians/exotics  (110 persians + exotics)  Neocat, Utrecht, Januari 21-2007:

 BIV, BIS &  * BOB * - NKFV, Februari 18-2007

 BIV, BIS, * BOB * - NLKV,  Februari 25 -2007:

At the CFA-show 's Gravenpolder, Holland, March 25/26-2006,  he made 6 finals  (at 5 month)

4th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 9th and 6th Best kitten.   1x BOB, 3 x 2nd BOB

At the CFA-show Middelkerke, Belgium, 30/9-1/10-2006 he made 4 finals (as an open)

3th Best cat - M. Schleissner, 4th Best cat - P. Vanwonterghem,

9th Best -cat  Becky Orlando, 9th Best cat - Tr. Wayne

At the CFA-show Fallingbostel, Germany, 28/29 Oktober 2006 he made 4 finals (as a champion)

4th Best cat and 2nd Best LH Ch - Arie Groenewegen

9th Best  cat and Best LH CH - Paul Patton

2nd Best LH Ch and 3rd Best AB CH - Kitty Angel

2nd Best LH CH - Pam Delabar

Best Adult Cat of the Year Allbreed, Topcat Competition N.K.F.V. - The Netherlands

showseason 2006/2007

For the second time: Best Adult Cat of the Year Allbreed. Topcat Competition NKFV - The Netherlands

showseason 2007/2008

BIV , BIS , * BOB *  exotics + ** BOA ** persians and exotics,  NKFV Februari 17, 2008


Thank you judges!!!

CFA - Show Belgium - 11 month

Owned and showed by Arnoldt Westmaas (Pouspardoux Cattery)

Thank you Arnoldt!!!


CFA GC LaFonteyn's Hugo Boss of Jay Persians

 a one show CFA GC at the  

Malaysia Finale Cat Show 2013 in Kuala Lumpur at April 20/21

photo taken at his first birthday

Owned and showed by Jurgen of Jay Persians

thanks Jurgen for keeping him in such a good show condition!!